We recently heard some great news from mathletes at St John Fisher school in Chicago, USA. Students holding their annual fundraising drive came up with the idea of a special sponsored competition – with Mathletics front and centre of course!

Students used the Mathletics in and out of the classroom and were encouraged to have sponsors donate money based on the number of points they earned. The three students with the most points in each classroom sat in front of their peers for the final “live” test with the top scoring students awarded iPads, donated by the local community.

Brooke Monroe, Regional Manager for Mathletics in Illinois, said “about 640 students were competing and they earned over 6 million points. To achieve that in two weeks is really impressive – more points any other school in the Mathletics program this week! We love getting involved with our schools in this way – and have created special certificates for students taking part.”

Winning students at St John Fisher School


Sixth grade student Maura G, one of the iPad winners, said, “I practiced for two weeks. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but it was also fun!”

The Mathletics competition helped the school raise over $30,000! Wow guys – check out the money-making power of mathematics! A fantastic way to get excited about mathematics, study for exams and raise money all at the same time.

To read more about this story, check out this report from the local news in Chicago. If you or your school have a story to share, we’d like to hear it – just get in touch via our Facebook page.