Mathletics has passed another huge milestone – over 10 billion correct answers have now been given since the birth of the program. That is a massive achievement by all our Mathletes around the world. Wow!

To celebrate this event, we have created a special celebration page to commemorate the milestone with some fun and interesting 10 billion facts and figures – check out the page at If you’re a tweeter, be sure to spread the news with #10billion


We are also launching our global “I’m part of it” campaign. A special video will be created including as many Mathletes as possible from around the world – just send us a short 5-second video of yourself, telling us where you are and we’ll digtially stitch them all together in one celebration of numbers – “I’m from …….. and I’m part of the 10 billion!”  Just watch the special 10 billion promo video for a taster, and then post your video as a reply. If English is not your first language, dont worry – the more languages the better!

We look forward to your videos – and watch this space for more exciting 10 billion celebrations!