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The NAPLAN numeracy test is a national test designed to reflect the underlying principles of each state/territory’s learning framework as informed by the National Statements of Learning for Mathematics. If your students feel a little uneasy about the upcoming NAPLAN numeracy test, Mathletics can be a great way to settle the nerves and familiarise students with related content. Mathletics offers a range of engaging activities mapped to the Australian curriculum, addressing a variety of NAPLAN question types and skill areas.

Heighten student engagement levels and lower teacher workload.

How can Mathletics help?Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.39.41 AM

  •  Use Mathletics eBooks

    • Offering a range of  NAPLAN Practice Papers for all year groups (3,5,7,9).
    • Over 150 targeted and aligned eBooks across every strand of the curriculum. Teachers can use these powerful resources as an effective NAPLAN revision tool.
  • Use the Mathletics Course Creator tool

    • Build custom courses relevant to activities that cover NAPLAN content.
  • Use Mathletics Activities to practise the core NAPLAN content:

    • With all activities mapped to the Australian curriculum, students can revise the NAPLAN focus areas in an engaging and effective manner.
    • Mathletics is tailored to each student’s year level, therefore providing relevant activities to target the NAPLAN year groups.
    • The problem solving activities will not only engage students, but also assist students in developing a deeper understanding of concepts in real-world situations.
  • Use Mathletics Assessments to set in-class or homework tests.

    Mathletics Assessments provides teachers with a report that includes:

    • A full class breakdown, by question, showing how each question was answered (correct/incorrect).
    • The percentage breakdown of students who answered the question correctly.
    • The Australian Curriculum outcome for each NAPLAN Assessment test question, along with a text summary of each outcome.
    • PLUS a list of related Mathletics activities suggestions to address the students’ needs for each individual NAPLAN test question.

EXAMPLE – Year 7 NAPLAN: Mathletics Activity Breakdown





Students use their knowledge of the base 10 number system and its number properties to compare and order sets of positive and negative numbers, and decimal fractions. Example:

  • Number
  • Index Notation
  • Prime or Composite?
  • Factors
  • Products of Prime Numbers

  • Series H:
    • Whole Numbers

Students represent and order common fractions and identify families of equivalent fractions, including those expressed in simplest form and as decimals and percentages. Example:

  • Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Converting Mixed and Improper
  • Ordering Fractions

  • Series H:
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
Students read and interpret problems that involve simple percentages, proportions, ratios and rates in practical situations including money, time and other measurements. Example:

  • Fractions
  • Fraction word problems
  • Fraction of an Amount
  • More Fraction Problems

  • Series H:
    • Fractions
Students form estimates for calculations involving whole numbers, decimal fractions and common fractions using their knowledge of number systems and single digit mental calculation. Example:

  • Percents and Decimals
  • Nearest Whole Number
  • Rounding Decimals

  • Series H
    • Decimals
  • Series J
    • Decimals


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