Well, we clearly need to buy a new atlas here at Mathletics Towers….

You may remember recently that we recently wrote about Mathletics subscribers Hofsstadaskoli in Iceland, and that they were the most Northerly Mathletics school in the world – only to then hear from Brønnøysund barne- og ungdomsskole over in Norway, who swiftly stole that crown. We stood corrected – or so we thought…..!

Today we heard from Tromsø International School – who confirmed that they are in fact the most Northerly school, being a full 925km further north. We certainly cannot argue with that!  Nathan Weston, PYP Co-Ordinator at the school tell us “although it is chilly up here, the midnight sun has nearly arrived and snow is starting to melt!”

Here is an updated map showing Tromsø way up in the Arctic circle – almost off the map!

So there we have it, the new holder of the crown of most-Northerly Mathletics school. Next stop the North pole!