Ontario Master Class

School: Dixon Grove Junior Middle School

Teacher: Sabina Habib

Grade: 3

Dixon Grove Masterclass

This month, we have chosen Ms. Habib’s grade 3 class to be our Mathletics Master Class this month. Ms. Habib, a teacher for over 20 years, brings knowledge and passion to her classroom. Her main goal is to inspire her students to grow and challenge themselves to become master mathematicians! Ms. Habib also uses technology to create a dynamic learning experience for her students. She likes to complete Mathletics exercises on her Smart Board with the entire class and also enjoys assigning her students to do mini challenges using their student iPads.

“The Mathletics program allows me to encourage students to review content and enables me to keep track of my students’ activities so that I can get a good idea of their challenges and successes. It also promotes parental involvement.”

Ms. Habib sees strong value in an educational math program where learning resources can be easily reviewed and student skill sets are accessed and differentiated effortlessly. Since Mathletics is an exciting program for students, it motivates them to review their own math assignments individually and makes it easier for teachers to effectively teach larger class sizes.

“They are always excited to share their successes with me and each other. They look forward to the time when we are all able to work on Mathletics simultaneously. As well, the names’ of students who have earned certificates are announced on the school PA system. This encourages other students to participate and challenge themselves.”

Using Mathletics in Ms. Habib’s classroom inspires students to master mathematical concepts through working together in a classroom setting. The program also helps spark individual growth in students with print-out achievement certificates that come free with Mathletics. The awards create incentive for students to become more engaged and facilitate healthy competition between fellow peers!

Congratulations to Ms. Habib and her grade 3 class. We are so happy to have you be a part of our Mathletics family!

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