final winners MMC

The annual national Mathletics March Madness Competition was another success. Thank you to the over 100 000 student participants! Mathletics March Madness is a free online math competition spanning over the month of March.  It aims to put an exciting focus on math and help improve student engagement. Each week we saw schools all across Canada battle it out and patiently await their final results. All that hard work has paid off!

First Place!

congratulations ICS

Congratulations to ICS in Manitoba for taking the top spot in the Mathletics March Madness Competition! They finished the competition with a whopping 59 036 points. The school will be the recipient of a $500 gift card  to fund a class field trip and a Mathletics swag bag. That’s not all! Mathletics is also awarding 200 000 Avion Points to the teacher whose class had the most participation points at ICS.

Second Place!

congratulation dorchester

Congratulations to Dorchester Consolidated School in New Brunswick for taking second place in the challenge! The school was at a close second with 56 010 points earned. They will be the recipient of a $100 visa gift card for a Mathletics Celebration Party and a Mathletics swag bag!

Third Place!

congratulations greaves

Congratulations to Greaves Adventist Academy from Quebec for placing third in the challenge with an amazing 36 001 points. They will receive a Mathletics swag bag!

Thank you to all participating schools for being involved with the 2016 Mathletics March Madness Competition. We are so excited about all of the enthusiastic participants and look forward to your participation in the 2017 competition.  In the meantime. the Mathletics Summer Challenge is right around the corner!  Let us help prevent the Summer slide. This online competition encourages and inspires students to enjoy mathematics and learn throughout the summer.