Emina Avdic PhotoEmina Avdic, currently a classroom teacher of grade 6, has been in teaching for the past five years and loved every minute of it. Her key passion is making a difference in low SES schools.  Moreover she is 2 years from completing her Masters of Inclusive Education and will use this to enhance her teaching and improve outcomes for students with special needs.

According to Principal Muriel Collings, Emina works with individuals and teams of teachers to ensure confidence in using Mathletics to enhance students’ capabilities in numeracy with a particular emphasis on developing high order thinking skills.

Using NAPLAN prep-testing I have informed the HOC areas of weakness and strengths, so that year 5 and 3 teachers can create focus areas.  We also look at using the results from the reporting, again looking at strengths and weaknesses both in lower and upper primary, and I provide a list of strategies that teachers can use to address these, and how we can ensure Mathletics is included in the planning.

Having achieved Lead Educator certification she plans to continue running afternoon PD for colleagues around Mathletics and certification.

UPDATE!  Emina is now certified as a Reading Eggs Lead Educator.  Well done Emina! Read more