The huge annual Mathletics schools event – The European Maths Challenge – has been going down a storm over all Europe, with great stories flooding in.

The team at Mathletics Towers heard today from Hofsstadaskoli in Iceland – currently the most northerly Mathletics school in the world – who have been taking part in the practice period for the EMC.  The school have expanded their use of the program across the entire school to give everyone a chance to take part.

Elísabet Benónýsdóttir, ICT Co-ordinator at the school, says “Our children are super excited about the challenge they have been crazy busy working on Mathletics both at home and in school. Some teachers are also super excited about the challenge and are bringing old computers from home to give students better and more access to the site!”

Hofsstadaskoli will be holding their own award ceremony soon after the challenge is over with prizes for the school’s best class, best student, best girl and best boy – we look forward to hearing all about it, guys!

Check out the video of the students at Hofsstadaskoli in action!