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An ever increasing number of UK schools are choosing to use Mathletics, since it is proven to help boost pupils’ numeracy levels.

Many of these decided to use a small percentage of their Pupil Premium or Pupil Deprivation Grant allocation to subscribe to Mathletics.  Schools are deploying Mathletics in a variety of ways: as a whole-school resource, an intervention tool, for use in breakfast or homework clubs and for pupils to use at home.

As schools are acutely aware, there is a requirement to demonstrate to Ofsted and parents the impact of any investments made using Pupil Premium funding.Mathletics users

Mathletics is proven in more than 4,500 schools across the UK to:

  • Increase attainment and achievement
  • Improve pupil engagement and confidence
  • Prepare for exams
  • Boost overall numeracy
  • Make learning maths fun!


Mathletics is proven to improve numeracy outcomes…

One third of the most improved primary schools in the UK between 2009 – 2012 used Mathletics at some stage within that period.   The schools all saw the percentage of pupils achieving level 4 in maths at KS2 improve consecutively every year since 2009.

Of the 100 most improved schools, the 33 using Mathletics achieved an average improvement rate of 37% over the three year period.

Overall, in 60% of schools using Mathletics at some point during the 2011/12 academic year, 85% OR MORE of pupils achieved the level 4 standard in maths at Key Stage 2.

In 38% of Mathletics schools, 90% or more pupils reached the standard, with almost one in ten Mathletics schools enjoying 100% attainment.


A few comments on Mathletics from teachers…

“The children in our school have undertaken end of year informal testing and from initial evaluations there have been significant improvements in their general maths abilities.  This is definitely due, in part, to the ‘Mathletics effect’. For pupils who have engaged fully and regularly, I can detect notable improvements in their maths understanding and speed of mental recall.”

“With Mathletics we have seen an improvement in Maths which will impact on our SATs results overall.”    

“In my own class, I have seen huge advances in pupils’ mental arithmetic and the curriculum resources have proved invaluable.”

“Pupils are performing much better in the classroom purely from Mathletics and their mental arithmetic is improved too.”

“Mathletics has definitely helped to improve our pupils’ numeracy skills.  Our SATs results have improved over the last few years, and I would say that the use of Mathletics has contributed to this.”


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