How I use Mathletics in Distance Ed to enhance learning opportunities

Capricornia School of Distance Education is a unique way of learning.  Students from far and wide come together to learn.  Our school is broken into two campuses.  I am based at the Emerald Campus in QLD.  We teach via Blackboard Collaborate (virtual whiteboard)  on a daily basis.  Students at our school enjoy getting together daily for these lessons.  My class uses Mathletics to extend their knowledge.  They work on this during lessons and when having problems come back to their Blackboard Collaborate screen to get help.  As these students are thousands of kilometers apart the students really enjoy working in Mathletics Live in their school section.  I worked with a fellow colleague to create a Mathletics club that runs on a Wednesday afternoon every two weeks.  This is open to all of our students from across the campuses (Grades 4-7) to come together and compete in the live challenges.  Even though they are distances apart Mathletics makes them feel closer together.

Belinda Piggott, Year 5 Teacher and Pedagogical Coach, read more