The Mathletics education team are continuously monitoring and upgrading your resource to provide more content and an even better experience. Our curriculum experts around the world work continually to build new activities to meet the specific objectives, outcomes, requirements and standards within our range of nationally and locally aligned Mathletics courses.

Today, we have released 11 more activities across a huge variety of mathematical strands. These have already been inserted into our default national courses where relevant, so students will be able to access them right away. The new activities also are available in the Course Creator library for those schools building their own courses.

Watch out for news of more Mathletics curriculum content coming soon!


New for Primary Years

  • Bar Model ×÷
  • Converting to Roman Numerals to 100
  • Tell time to the Hour (UK)
  • Counting up in 8s
  • Counting up in 7s
  • Counting up in 6s
  • Volume of Solids and Prisms – 1cm³ blocks

New for SecondaryYears

  • Equations: Simple Quadratics
  • Mixed decimal, percentage and fraction conversions
  • Vertically Opposite: Unknown Values
  • Mixed Inequalities on a Number Line