We all know that Mathletics is hugely popular all over the world and today we received news of a special inter-school Mathletics competition being held in The Netherlands.

In total, over 1100 students from eight Dutch International Primary Schools will be taking part in the day long event – a real celebration of mathematics. Students will start the day by creating a special avatar for the event, followed by a Live Mathletics competition set up between the competing schools.

Ananya, a student from De Blijberg International School – one of the school’s participating – wrote to tell us of her excitement for the event. “We hope everyone has fun and wish all 1163 students good luck!”

Mathletics Dutch Competition

Holly Nicholls, European Schools Manager at 3P Learning, said “it is really great to hear about our schools across the Netherlands getting together to hold this competition. Using Mathletics in this way is a great way to generate even more excitement and engagement around maths. I wish every student the best of luck and I look forward to hearing about the results!”

The schools participating in the competition are

  • Amsterdam Internationaal Community School
  • Violen School
  • Breda International School
  • International School The Hague
  • Letterland
  • HSV
  • De Blijberg International School
  • Groningse International School

The best of luck to all students taking part in the Dutch International Primary Schools Mathletics competition!

Why not get together with some local schools and hold your own competition? For more information speak to your local 3P Learning team.