The Mathletics Club at St Augustine of Canterbury C of E Primary School

I have run a Maths Club for children in Key Stage 2 at St Augustine of Canterbury C of E Primary School since last summer after the program was recommended to me by a friend. This term the club was so oversubscribed that I now run two after school clubs and a lunch club. Two pupils come to school at 8 am some mornings to play Mathletics as they do not have access to the internet at home. We have a Wall of Fame and had our first gold certificate winner last autumn. Many of our pupils have English as an additional language but this is not a barrier to achievement in maths – in fact it is wonderful to see friendships blossom between children of different ages and languages through the world of Mathletics.

Here are some of the things that our children say about Mathletics:

“To start with, Mathletics is a fun and challenging way to learn your maths and you can play people all over the world. Come on, that is astonishing. Whoever thought of Mathletics, one word, GENIUS! I really like Mathletics and I think everyone else who plays Mathletics will too.”

“Mathletics is a joyful place with brain challenging work that helps us with our tests. I really like Mathletics because you can put your heart into your work.” “I like Maths Club because I like Mathletics and it helped me go up a level in maths” “In school we have Maths Club and I love to go there because we play lots of fun maths activities”

“Mathletics is all about playing maths and building skills in a fun way and playing people or friends whilst both of us build our maths skills”

“Your child will learn and play games at the same time. Your child will play people all over the world so you might play someone in a different country even someone in your class and even someone next to you”.

Jacqui Wellbrook, Inclusion Manager