South Camberley Primary School uses Mathletics at Key Stage 2 to support the development of maths in a variety of contexts.  Pupils have weekly ICT Maths lessons, where teachers use Mathletics to demonstrate mathematical concepts and children can then complete several activities in different contexts related to the topic.  In addition, children are set home learning activities using the program, which they complete with enthusiasm each week.

“We have worked to develop the use of Mathletics across the school through systems of competition and celebration.  Each week, children compete in classes to earn the most certificates using Mathletics.  Children in upper Key Stage 2 then use data from the ‘school usage’ report to calculate the percentage of children in each class who have achieved a certificate.  In our celebration assembly, the class of the week is then announced and awarded a certificate and Mathletics trophy to display for the week ahead.  The top three classes are displayed on our leader board, which has been placed outside our ICT suite for all children to see when they enter for their weekly Mathletics lesson.

The Mathletics leader board at South Camberley Primary School

The Mathletics leader board at South Camberley Primary School

We also love to celebrate those individuals who work exceptionally hard to improve their maths skills by taking screen shots from the home screen of Mathletics whenever a class or individual student earns a place on the top 50/100 world or UK classes.  These pupils are invited to talk about their achievements in our celebration assembly each week, and the screen shot is displayed on our ‘walk of fame’ area of the school Mathletics display.

To date, not yet 10 weeks into this autumn term, our 231 students have earned a staggering 1479 certificates.  To earn each certificate, students needed to achieve a minimum of 1000 points per week, which is not an easy task!  They have managed this through being engaged with the program at school and at home.

Our children particularly enjoy using ‘Live Mathletics’ and find it fascinating to be able to play somebody in another country.  Recently, we revealed to the children that by playing challenge games, they would earn points which contribute to the building of new schools by UNICEF.  This has really struck a chord with the children and they are extremely motivated to earn these.

As maths manager for our school, my top tip would be to engage your teachers in understanding the potential of Mathletics through some simple training.  If the teachers understand the power of the program and actively encourage its widespread use, the children will engage with it also.

We are incredibly proud of the children’s dedication to improving their own learning and their supportive attitudes to their peers, which link so closely to our core school values of nurturing and high aspirations, and cannot recommend Mathletics as a learning tool enough.”

Julie Croombs

Maths Manager and Leader of Learning

South Camberley Primary and Nursery School