Celebrate student success with our ready-made

Mathletics bulletin board!

Bulletin Board

We know our teachers are busy so we created a ready-made Mathletics bulletin board so you can quickly and easily start celebrating student success in your class or school as early as today! This bulletin board package includes the following elements to get your students inspired and engaged:

  1. Bulletin board instructions: to get you started.
  2. Mathletics school crest and Mathletics logo: to decorate your board.
  3. Mathletics Activity Calendar : use these to encourage your students to extend their learning with fun activities throughout the month.
  4. “Connect the World with Learning” UNICEF Initiative: get students excited about connecting with each other during Live Mathletics games and give back to communities in need.
  5. Hall of Fame Certificates: use these to recognize student achievement.
  6. Avatars: use these to jazz up your bulletin board!

Download the individual sections by clicking on each link below:

We would love to see your bulletin boards in action – post pictures of your bulletin board on our Facebook or Twitter pages!