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Manitoban schools actively using Mathletics are seeing huge success! Polson School, located in Winnipeg, has signed on their entire school and now all of their students can get a leg up with the Mathletics Advantage.

“We are in the second year of using Mathletics school-wide and the students all love it!” explains Wendy Skoglund, a passionate Grade 5 teacher at Polson.

Ms. Skoglund points out, “I love being able to monitor individual student results and setting tasks that they can feel good about accomplishing.” In the classroom, Mathletics focuses on individualizing students based on their unique needs. It also allows teachers to differentiate classroom content, all while being aligned with the Manitoba curriculum.

“One of the great things about the program is being able to set different levels within the same class and the students don’t even realize it, as often everyone is doing something different!”

Another great feature about Mathletics is the engagement it creates towards mathematics. Many times, student users acquire a whole new perspective towards math, which paves the way to greater confidence and success with harder math concepts. Meadows School, located in Brandon, saw a notable increase in student motivation after introducing the e-learning program.

“The engagement students’ exhibited is outstanding. Last year, if I was away or running late our students would organize themselves and work on Mathletics with or without me”, said Melissa, a junior high teacher at Meadows School.

Mathletics aims to teach students how to inspire a love of math in a fun way, which can lead to considerable improvement in their grades. Higher math grades overall can have a lasting impact on the whole province. Greg Foster, Regional Manager at 3P Learning Canada explains,

“The goal is to ultimately help students learn math concepts through a different lens; we want Manitoba students to be successful and to reach their full potential in mathematics.”

The Mathletics Team will be visiting Manitoba and sponsoring the Manitoba Children’s Museum’s “June Balloon” event. This is an exciting event where the museum will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. Visit the Mathletics booth at the museum on June 5, to try your luck on the prize wheel, enjoy an interactive Mathletics display, take part in fun math challenges and check out live demos of the program! Also, if you are a school looking to try Mathletics or would like to meet your Mathletics team, they will be booking school visits from May 30 – June 6th.

Contact Greg for School Bookings:

Greg Foster

Regional Manager, 3P Learning Canada

1-877-467-6851 ext. 147


Manitoba Children’s Museum Information:

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