Reaching the Top 100 on the World Mathletics Hall of Fame is no mean feat, but students at Iona Presentation Primary School in Western Australia are showing the world how it’s done.

If you happened to glance at the Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago you would’ve seen Year 4 students Grace L and Jemma M sitting in spots #1 and #2 in the world, each with an amazing points tally.

Grace says this isn’t even her highest points tally she’s accumulated.

I enjoy Mathletics because it’s educational but also really good fun. Before I started doing the maths online I wasn’t really good at things like multiplication and division. I do Mathletics because it’s a fun way to learn and if you don’t understand a task there is a question mark that guides you through it. Mathletics has also helped me increase my speed on “Live Mathletics”. My mum said that when I do my live Mathletics I can type in the answer before she even finishes reading the question! I don’t even know what I would do if there was no such thing as Mathletics. My highest daily points have been around 28 000 and my highest weekly points are about 58 thousand.

I’m really proud of my achievements on Mathletics, especially when I got 1st in the world and 1st in Australia. My biggest competition on Mathletics would probably have to be Jemma, because sometimes I’m beating her and other times she’s beating me, so we’ve all got a bit of a competition!

My mum reckons I’m on it 24/7. I’ve got 2 Gold certificates, 7 silvers and 40 bronzes!

Jemma says she loves the competitive aspect of Live Mathletics as well as a friendly match against her classmates.

Mathletics enables me to put the Maths concepts we learn in class into practice at different levels of difficulty at home. I love the variety of topics covered, the tests and most of all, competing with my friends on “Live”.

I like that there is a leaderboard and you can compare yourself to other students and work your way up. I love competing with other children from around the world on “Live”, but most of all, I enjoy the friendly competition with my friends.

Mathletics doesn’t seem like work at all as it is so much fun! It has really helped me develop a love of Maths. When I do “Live” I like to try get my high score for how many I get right.

Year 5 student Amy M, who is Jemma’s sister (being a Super Mathlete must be genetic), had a fantastic time participating in the recent World Education Games. She placed in the Top 100 students in the world – an excellent achievement.

Hayley G, also in Year 5, completed the Year 5 Mathletics curriculum earlier in the year, moved through Year 6 last term and is now working on Year 7 content.

Mathletics is a way to work without seeming to work! It’s a fun alternative to learning different ways to work out Maths, from difficult sums to learning the order of operations. I have recently moved up to year 7, which is proving to be a great challenge for me. Doing Mathletics is like jumping into a different world, and has had a huge beneficial effect on me and my maths. I like doing the problem solving tasks, the games and most of all, live Mathletics. Live Mathletics is a great way to compete with your friends from all around the world while improving how fast you can work out answers. On Mathletics, I love how you can move up grades, and you can go as quickly or slowly as you like. My best achievement on Mathletics is getting 44 bronzes, 9 silvers, and 2 Golds in the 2 years I have been at my school. I love Mathletics and look forward to progressing even more!

Last week 3P Learning Education Specialist Tracey Hodgkinson stopped by to present the students with their very own Mathletics trophies for their efforts.