Going to a pool, swimming in one in your backyard or even taking a trip to the beach are great summer activities.  With math all around us, a day near the water can be a great opportunity to develop and practice math skills. These activities can also be completed out of the water, in a park, or anywhere. Just simply change the activity from diving underwater to running a distance outside.

1. Diving for Math Facts

1. Use a diving stick and put it at the bottom of the pool.
2. Say a math fact (Use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division based on your child’s level)
3. Once they know the answer, they can dive to retrieve the stick and come back to the surface to yell out the answer.
4. Make it a competition that involves a few kids.  Add up their scores and determine a winner!

2. How deep is the water?

Have your child convert meters to centimeters or feet to inches for the shallow and deep ends of the pool. For an extension, have your child determine how many centimeters/inches they are above the water in the shallow end when standing on the bottom AND how many centimeters/inches they would be below the water if they were standing on the bottom of the deep end.

(Learn more about conversions by watching this video or you can check out our Mathletics eBook on conversions here!)

3. Math Jackpot

1. Use a rubber ball, foam ball or beach ball. You should have at least 3 people to play.
2. To play, have one person stand with their back to the rest of the pool. This will be the person throwing the balling behind them and yelling out point values.
3. Before each throw behind them, the person should yell out how many points the throw is worth E.g. 200 pts, 25 pts, 70 pts, etc.
4. Whoever catches the ball receives that amount of points.
5. As the game goes on, they will need to add up their points for every ball they catch.
6. First one to 500 wins!

Make it harder by choosing larger or more difficult numbers to add. Throw a curve ball and add in some negatives – the person who catches it will want to throw it back!

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