Marvi Khan LLC picEmpowering students to take charge of their own learning, at their own pace

Marvi Khan currently works as a Campus Coordinator and ICT teacher at Lahore Grammar School, Pakistan and brings over 9 years experience to her teaching.  Her responsibilities include teaching ICT to Years 2 and 3, mentoring and guiding teachers to promote IT supported learning at school and collaborates in developing and implementing instructional strategies to support teaching and learning.

I strongly believe that as an educator one must be aware of the depth of change occurring around us, within us and even in our students’ learning style. Learning is not about just gulping information, it is about absorbing it, thinking about it, making sense of it, adding it to what you already know and thus creating your new knowledge.

Despite the best efforts of teachers, students and parents, learning a new language is always challenging, and occasionally frustrating. Äs a Lead Educator however, Marvi feels that by integrating programmes like Reading Eggs, teachers can empower students to take charge of their own learning, at their own pace.

She recognises Reading Eggs’ visible increment in students’ interest and engagement in learning to read and comprehend but has found it has impacted her personally.

I personally feel studying and implementing Reading Eggs instructional framework and philosophy has actually helped me develop my teaching skills. It can actually help teachers learn how to teach English language and I aim to cascade it to my teachers and other educators this year.

Marvi appreciates Reading Eggs regular updates on looks and features, however would value the provision of  detailed Library reports along with the lessons and skills bank. She’d also like to a strengthening of student-teacher communication, suggesting an ability for teachers to write comments on individual student’s performance, to which students may reply!

If you are using Reading Eggs with your class, why not get certified?  Start your Reading Eggs Certification today!     Marvi Khan is also certified as a Mathletics Lead Educator!  Read more   3PCert_Logo