Miami State School’s Mathletics Lead Educator Marissa Egan returns to achieve Reading Eggs Lead Educator

Marissa Egan

Marissa Egan’s passion for education lies in giving her students the tools and confidence to own their learning journey.  Having been teaching for 6 years, Marissa is currently a Year 5 teacher and the Year 5 Year Level Coordinator at Miami State School.

“When students are empowered, they become self-motivated learners who strive to achieve their personal best – and monitor their growth along the way! This philosophy is applied to all levels within my classroom – the intervention children, the underachieving, the disengaged, the average student and the children needing extension.”

Marissa currently covers English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Technology and Visual Arts but is also involved in the Mentoring Beginning Teachers program, mentoring pre-service teachers, differentiation mentor and tutor for teachers in the OLT course of Dyslexia and Students with Severe Reading Difficulties.

Marissa describes the goals she wanted to accomplish most in her work.  “I want my students to achieve their personal best academically. I also feel that as teachers, we play an important role in contributing towards the development of resilient, confident, kind-hearted children who will go on to do good in the world. I want my students to love coming to school every day and I believe that every single day of school must count. Long term, I wish to be involved in pre-service teacher education programs at university, educational reform and curriculum writing initiatives.”

As an educator, Marissa believes the emerging trends to impact students over the next five years include the meaningful use of ICT in classrooms and at home with some incredible initiatives in place currently.   She sees this as an exciting time, acknowledging the main barriers from a state school perspective are in resourcing and access.

Marissa would love to see development from Reading Eggs to include reporting aligned to Mathletics and the ability to assign spelling tasks.   Her goal as a Leading Educator with Reading Eggs is to continue her support of teachers in getting their students online at school and at home, focusing specifically on building teacher capacity and confidence using the resources.

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