I am very excited about the world education games.Mariam

 I am able to improve in different areas of my learning while being able to have fun. I think it is because of the user-friendly interface that kids have a lot more motivation to learn. The world education games are a great initiative as they help children exceed in different aspects of learning while enjoying the experience.

I have talked to my friends and family and I have encouraged them to participate in the event. My efforts were met with positivity and everyone is very excited about the World Education Games. As we are allowed to computer with our school and class, many of the kids have been motivated to beat their friends or create a new high score.

UNICEF is one of the major sponsors of the WEG. Their work goes unparalleled as they create opportunities for children in developing countries to be able to learn and expand their horizons. I am very lucky to belong to home where I have been given everything. There are many children around the world whose luck does not match mine. Children are forced to work long dangerous hours in order to provide for their families. Education closes the gap between developed and developing countries. It provided a base on which children can fall back on. Education is way of empowerment and can help these children learn their rights and change not only their lives, but their community’s as well.

I am looking forward to participating in the games.