3P Learning has just become part of the global social learning platform, Makewav.es.   We joined on the recommendation of Matt Rogers, Computing and ICT Subject Leaders at Snowsfields Primary School in London, and are very excited about the Mathletics open badges he has created for us.


Open badges were developed by Mozilla as a way to recognise skills and achievement through the award of digital badges.  There are all sorts of different badges from all sorts of different communities, schools and networks.   The first Mathletics open badges on Makewav.es include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Supermathlete, Times Tables Titan, Fractions Fanatic and Money Magician.  Students are awarded these once they have provided evidence that they have completed the tasks for each badge, for example:

bronze badge

Makewav.es offers a safe environment where children can earn these badges and publish blogs, videos, pictures, and audio.  It is free to join and every member school is given its own space within the community, where work can be safely published and shared.  Find out more about how it works here.

 Here’s Matt’s story about Makewav.es at Snowsfields:

“At Snowsfields we have been using Makewav.es for over 12 months now, and have seen and been a part of the amazing developments that have taken place in recent months regarding Digital Badges. Originally we signed the school up via the Safe Network from Digital Me – this enabled us to overhaul and develop our E-Safety curriculum to meet the modern needs of our pupils. Makewav.es provided the children with a safe, social space to share their views and work with their school community (it has also dramatically reduced the temptation for children to visit other social networking sites – something which is often a problem with older children in Primary Schools). There are many things that our teachers and pupils love about Makewav.es, but one of our favourites is the Digital Badges. These have massively changed the way we view learning and achievement at Snowsfields, and gives the children a new way to develop and explore areas of the curriculum they may have otherwise found difficult to access. This is essentially how we use Makewav.es – setting online learning tasks that run in parallel to our curriculum at school to give learners of all abilities and learning styles a chance to achieve. We can then share these achievements, not only with our school community but with the wider Makewav.es community, meaning the children are given access to such a huge range of feedback from varying partners.”  

Matt Rogers (Snowsfields Primary School Teacher & Computing/ICT Subject Leader)

Join the Makewav.es community today and provide your pupils with a safe environment to publish their work and demonstrate their skills and understanding.   You can visit 3P Learning’s page here .