The Yew Chung International School of Beijing shares their experiences of using Mathletics:

After a summer of training and re-training activities for YCIS Beijing staff, the teachers within Primary were given an introduction of the interactive and educational world of Mathletics. Mathletics is the world’s most used mathematical website for children that allows students to gain points for a variety of different mathematical questions. Students can compete with their friends and if they answer a question incorrectly, they are directed to useful areas that help them to conquer the questions through hints and visual aids.

When asked about the benefits of the programme for students, Mathletics Instructor Richard McMahon responded, “Mathletics is a very engaging site for students. It inspires them to want to learn more Mathematics so that they can collect improvement credits for their avatar or compete in an online challenge with their friends. In addition, Mathletics is mapped to most curricula around the world including the National Curriculum for England, which is studied at YCIS Beijing.”

Further training for teachers is an important part of the school at YCIS Beijing which includes the technical training of Mathletics. Co-Principal Wayne Richardson believes such training is necessary for all teachers in all schools, “In this ever changing world, it is vital that all teachers are properly trained and up-to-date. Regarding Mathletics, our teachers need to know the successful programmes on offer at the moment, and there is no better way to align with Science and Technolgy than to embrace it as we have been. The nature of a teacher’s job is to always keep learning and looking to improve all areas of teaching. We invest in our teachers’ careers so that they can deliver high quality education.”

Mathletics can of course be used within class time but being a technical resource, it also has large amount of other uses and McMahon states, “Mathletics is being used mostly as a formative assessment homework resource at YCIS Beijing. Teachers are able to assign activities to students that closely match the concepts covered in class and test understanding of these concepts. Based on the results fed back to teachers, decisions can be made to retract for greater understanding or move on to new work. Additionally Mathletics has many other elements that bring Mathematics to life and foster a love of learning in students. It is a very popular and well used resource at YCIS Beijing.”

Magic of Mathletics

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Source: Yew Chung International School of Beijing