We always love to hear about schools who are as passionate about maths are we are here at Mathletics Towers. One such school is St. John’s International School in Brussels, Belgium. Maths Co-ordinator at St John’s, Paul Motwani, recently wrote to tell us about the regular “Magic Math Assemblies” held at the school.

The assemblies always include a combination of what Mr Motwani likes to call ‘The Fantastic Four’. The 4 elements are Math, Magic, Mystery, and Chess (Mr Motwani himself is an International Chess Grandmaster!). The students at St John’s love to get a bonus dose of chess in the assemblies – plus chess is a highly logical, mathematical sort of game.

Mr Motwani says “my assemblies are always a really fun mix of puzzles which delight the Grade 1-5 children as much as the prizes that they can win here by getting them right! It’s always a super-exciting, action-packed 45 minutes.” Students who have been making particularly good use of Mathletics also receive special awards in the assemblies.

One of the Magic Math Assemblies takes place in the magnificent PAC theatre at St John’s Intl Schol

We think these assemblies are fantastic – just the sort of excitement around maths that we love to see here at Mathletics (plus extra helpings of magic and chess mixed in!)

Does your school hold similar events? We’d love to hear about them!