Hello My name is Maathangi A and I am the official ambassador from U.A.E for the World Education Games 2015. I am immensely happy to be an ambassador as I get to meet many students. Presenting PPTs in my school was an enlightening experience. Students came up with many questions which showed a lot of enthusiasm. My teachers, supervisor and principal encouraged me a lot in my campaign in school by permitting me to put up posters and flyers around the school and providing me the necessary technical support. I have also spread the word through Dubai-based youth group named Students for the Earth (SFE) by posting flyers in their facebook page about WEG 2015.



Maathangi poster

Maathangi’s WEG flyer

SFE is involved in environmental and humanitarian activities and has 300 active members and 3800 followers. Many students from SFE and my school have started registering for this contest and I am very happy about the reach. You can also check out my tweets @Maathangi1.

In addition, I initiated the poster making contest where pupils have to make a poster on the topic “Uniting the World in Learning”. In the forthcoming week, I am sending a letter to almost all the schools in U.A.E inviting them to take part in WEG 2015. This contest enhances science, math and literacy skills, helping students a lot. It also makes learning fun. Most importantly, the students’ scores will be donated to the underprivileged children in the form of school supplies which gives us an opportunity to show our concern for the underprivileged.

In U.A.E, this contest is not very well known, so, I am extremely happy to be an ambassador and campaign for WEG 2015. I hope students in U.A.E will perform well and be one of the toppers. All the best!