LLC PK. is a reflection of our passion to establish a platform where schools, educators, families, in fact everyone gets an opportunity to engage and Love Learning.

After a successful event in 2015, this year LLC, with a perfect panel of motivating speakers, proved to be an inspiring conference for K-12 educators. It enabled them to challenge their perspective of teaching and learning and equipped them with ideas, strategies and guidance to bring innovation to their classrooms.

Love Learning Conference Pakistan 2016 officially started with a message from Rebekah O’ Flaherty C.E.O 3P Learning and then the guests were introduced to our first presenter Mr. M. Adil Arshad. Asst. Prof. Forman Christian College & Beaconhouse National University, Lahore.

Mr Adil

Mr. Adil’s presentation was ‘GAMIFY THY TEACHING’. He started off with a few thought provoking questions and explained the basic definition of games. He continued with the brainstorming on the elements of games that keep children/people hooked to it and explained how games help students learn. His presentation further developed on explanation of gamification elements and how teachers can make it a part of their classroom. He provided examples from real classrooms and situations where he and his students have been applying the concept and getting the desired results.

Consolidating Mr Adil’s ideas around Gamification, delegates enjoyed a Live Mathletics competition, with the winner awarded a Super Mathlete trophy!

Live Mathletics

The next presenter Mrs. Shama Aleem brought a diverse experience of more than 30 years in legislative drafting, Curriculum development, High School and Legal Education, Planning, Establishment and Operation of educational institutions to present ‘CHOREOGRAPHY OF TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY’.

Sharma Aleem

Using a dynamic Venn diagram, she explained the concept of teaching and learning in terms of: What is taught and not learnt, what is taught and learnt, and her focus was actually on the bit of what is not taught and learnt. She explained to teachers about the Pros and Cons of this worth considering aspect. Her presentation further continued on sharing her experiences of using technology in schools and what are the factors teachers, educationalists must consider before embedding it in schools. She very well managed to prove teaching as a form of performing art and how a teacher choreographs it for her/his students. Like a choreographer considers a few elements before giving directions to an artist, how teachers must train themselves and their students to resist the best of temptation to avoid distractions while integrating technology.

Her pleasant personality and her gentle humor engaged the audience and helped them reflect on their teaching and learning philosophy.

Next the stage was taken over by Prof. C.J. Dubash, Chairperson, Executive Vice Rector, Dean of Faculty of Education, Forman Christian College, with over 30 years of teaching practice and teacher training for over 25 years.


His presentation ‘Yesterday’s Teachers, Today’s Students’, discussed how teachers can identify those students who require intervention. Exploring teaching in changing times and how 21st century education demand skills-based learning, he explained that recent trends have changed the views of employers and economic activities. 21st Century Teaching means developing 21st century skills in both teachers and students.

Engaged Participants

Presenting ‘Solo Taxonomy’, Mrs Tina Hameed is the Director of PORTAL Education Consultants and is a professional trainer. With an MEd from the University of Exeter, UK, in Teacher Training for English Language Teachers (TTELT) and Teacher Education, she is an accredited tutor from the University of Bradford and University College Plymouth St Mark and St John, UK allowing her to teach award-bearing in-service courses to teachers and other professionals in Pakistan and abroad.

Tina Hameed SOLO Texonomy

This session focused on making learning visible to students by understanding the definition of SOLO and how it relates or differs with Bloom’s Taxonomy. Tina unfolded the steps of SOLO learning progress explaining the learning outcomes and identification elements of each step.

Towards the end of the presentation participants were able to address the needs of their learners in the mixed ability classroom using SOLO. Mrs Hameed inspired delegates with a poem encouraging educators to stop the blame game and take charge of their own learning and teaching.

An overview of the venue.

The final presentation ‘Enhance Learning using the Right Brain Hemisphere’, was by very popular Prof. Moiz Hussain. As the founder of the first Yoga Institute in Pakistan, he presently conducts events, workshops and seminars in Pakistan, India, UAE, Singapore, UK and USA. He holds doctoral degree in Clinical Hypnosis and is a faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA and The National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP), USA, Certified Reiki Grand Master and Teacher and Licensed Director of Silva Mind Control, USA.

Dr. Moiz Hussain Learning by using right brain hemisphere.

His keynote explored how left and right brain hemispheres cater to different learning areas in a human brain. He explained that providing more Visual and Kinesthetic activities in classrooms can help activate both brain hemispheres of the students and provide a holistic, retainable learning experience to him/her. He further unpacked how breaks and informal classroom environment are important to increase student’s concentration span. Delegates were provided with different techniques in response of their queries about children’s motivation and engagement in classroom and at home.


According to delegate feedback, LLC Pakistan 2016 proved to be an outstanding and memorable learning experience for delegates. Planning is underway for next year so visit our

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