As a passionate learner and teacher at Northern Beaches Christian School in Sydney, Lou Deibe is committed to providing a highly innovative, child-centered curriculum focused on individual pathways of experiential learning.

Lou’s own website edurebellion.com captures this passion where Lou describes herself as “currently charged with the challenge of drawing alongside other teachers and learners to incite change, rebellion, disruption and engagement.”

Lou has been responsible for leading a team of teachers within the e-Zone model, a learning space with 180 students and seven teachers, which uses the integrated Matrix to deliver a number of curriculum areas and places a high priority on personalised learning and independence. Collectively they are redefining the parameters of teaching and learning. Read more

In her current role as Change Agent at the highly innovative NBCS, Lou is responsible for partnering with teams of teachers as they endeavour to constantly seek and deliver best practice from pre-school to Yr 12. This covers both the development of the curriculum and the development of pedagogy and best teaching practice. Maintaining a significant teaching load as part of the teams in which she is working has been a crucial part of her success. Lou feels “the richness of this program alone is testament to the fact that the whole team is so much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Lou is running her workshop Shaping the Learning Architecture to Engage and Inspire Young Minds at the Love Learning Conference in August.