St Paul’s two week Maths ChallengeLead Educator Angela Keyt, could scarcely believe the enthusiasm students and teachers showed at St Paul’s Anglican School, Brisbane during the first week of their two week Mathletics Challenge, focusing on Live Mathletics

“We have had children lining up outside their classrooms each morning to get some laptop time.  Lunch time also sees students on any computer they can find to build their class points. The leader board is a HUGE motivator… to have multiple classes on the Australian leader board with only Live Mathletics points is awesome, and to have a couple on the world leader board is even more amazing.”

Year 5 teacher Bruce Robinson, has every reason to be proud.
“Our St Paul’s students this week have been amazing.  Students have been on Mathletics for 601 hours and that was only up to Wednesday night, not bad considering we only have 45 minutes each at school in Maths time.  The rest is home activities.  My kids were challenging each other at 8pm last night!”

Mathletics Hall of Fame 26 May 2014

Using Reports and School Usage in the Mathletics Admin Console helps when tabulating results for students and classes. Well done Bruce and Angela and we wish your students all the best for this week’s focus – curriculum!