Today is a really exciting day – not only is our brand new iPad app now out and available in the big wide world, but we have also just released an exciting update to Live Mathletics.

Live Mathletics was the very first component ever built for Mathletics and since that day over 15 billion correct answers have flown through its digital fingers. The famous and well-loved 60 second mental race remains, with students matched against each other from around the world – so what’s new? Well…

  • From today Live Mathletics has a brand new interface – with new graphics and a sleek new look to match the iPad app. Take a look below!
  • Cool new backgrounds that change from dawn, to daytime, to dusk, to night time!
  • Now featuring TEN levels! Now you can really stretch your brain with the addition of problem solving, calculus, alegbra and even logarithm questions! Click here to check out what’s included in the new games
  • Updated gaming engine for even better matching of students based on similar abilities
  • Keep watching this space for some more VERY exciting Live Mathletics news in the coming weeks…