What is one of the most common complaints from children when returning to school? The answer, “I won’t even use this in real life”. Children when returning back to school don’t consider schooling to be a time of knowledge and discovery. It’s in these times that they can find themselves and what they’re interested in and use that to mould a future for themselves. One thing that can be done is encourage incorporating learning in their everyday life. When children incorporate school learning outside of school it can provide relevance and build an interest in topics they are gaining more understanding in. Finding school information outside of school can be a fun and easy method of getting your child ready for back to school if you know where to look.


Mathematics can be a fun learning tool outside of school as there are so many topics that can be put into real life situations. Give you child scenarios with the mathematics their surrounded with in the day. For instance, if it’s 3 and we pick up your sister in an hour and a half, what time do we need to pick her up? Is this triangle of cheese an isosceles or a right angle? Set a challenge for your child to see how long they can go without using a calculator and provide a reward based off duration or if they beat a sibling. Using engaging maths resources like Mathletics that can educate your child through interactive learning and fun competition with others. Programs like Mathletics will build mathematical knowledge in a manner that doesn’t make your child feel like their learning, which can provide a great educational means of killing time.


Science is all about getting hands on with learning and discovery. Speak to teachers and research scientific websites on engaging experiments you can perform with your children out of school. Take the time to do fun experiments like putting Mentos in soda to explain nucleation or hitting different objects to explain kinetic energy. These supervised activities educates in a memorable and unorthodox fashion.


The benefit history has in educating outside of school is that we are all part of history in some form. Take the time to identify the historic topics your child will learn and find relevant activities that tie into their class learning. Museums and documentaries are valuable knowledge points for children outside of school. Find movies that are historically tied to what your child is learning so they can make connections to what they learn. If possible, find friends or loved ones with historical backgrounds (e.g. war veterans) and get them to share stories from their experiences to make the topics hit home with your child. Seeing history’s footprint in everyday life will create a whole new appreciation for the past.

These are just a few instances in the many ways you can take learning outside of school. Take advantage of parent teacher meetings, research and discussions with your children and see the many options you have in creating an appreciation for the topics your children will learn when they return to school.