Annie HeydonLong time user of Mathletics Annie Heydon from Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia has supported her teaching with Mathletics over many years and we are very pleased to recognise her as a Mathletics Lead Educator.

Annie is enthusiastic and focused, “I’m passionate about differentiation of the curriculum and the learning process, equity and 21st century models of teaching, to enhance student engagement. Mathletics fits the bill. I’ve been lucky enough to have had access to Mathletics ever since it was launched in 2006. Teaching NAPLAN classes – Years 3 or 5 – I have found Mathletics invaluable. It has worked magic.”

Annie kindly shares her favourite tips:
·        create the Core course for the topic using the choices of activities from the Australian Curriculum
·        use the Test that Mathletics sets for the Core course as the Pre-test
·        form groups based on the results of the Pre-Test
·        set modified and extension courses for the groups so the teaching/learning activities are differentiated to suit each student’s learning-start point
·        use the Demonstrations, Lessons and Toolkit apps to enhance the learning process
·        give plenty of practice time to the students to allow most students to master at least to Core level
·        use the original Test for the Core course as the Post-test for all except the extension students
·        use the Results app to give feedback to students, marvel at their progress and plan the next step of the learning journey

Congratulations Annie and thanks for sharing your advice.

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