Emmalee-LesleighterEmmalee Lesleighter is a a year six teacher at Sherwood State School in QLD.  Her first year of teaching was in 2011 which was the year of the Brisbane floods.

She began using Mathletics in her class in 2012 as it was a new part of a school wide maths program.  Emmalee uses Mathletics in a variety of ways in the classroom: for homework; as a differentiation tool where she streams courses for a variety of ability levelled groups; and uses eBooks for additional resources for ICPs and extension or learning support work.   Emmalee also organises regular Mathletics Live tournaments to consolidate the mental arithmetic strategies for the week.  Once a week in a guided lesson, Mathletics is used to analyse the activities students are having difficulties with using the preview activity function so that Emmalee can work through misconceptions with the concept or activity.

Emmalee encourages teachers to use the practice NAPLAN assessments through Mathletics both as a preparation tool as well as a pathway to teach problem solving.  Emmalee would like to see Mathletics expand their bank of videos to include explicit lessons for problem solving and have activities which focus on explicit problem solving heuristics believing this would be beneficial for NAPLAN and for the growth of each student and would be particularly useful in a ‘flipped classroom’ scenario.

Her practical advice to teachers is to explore their teacher console and discover the program’s full potential.   Read more about Emmalee and other Lead Educators