RACHEL has achieved a staggering 4 GOLD CERTIFICATES – is this a new record?

“It is wonderful that Rachel is so well-motivated and eager to improve her maths skills.  There is no doubt that her consistent participation in Mathletics activities has resulted in a marked improvement in her understanding and enjoyment of the subject.  We are very proud of her and are sure that her success will encourage all of the other participants to aim as high as she has.  Well done Rachel!” Mrs Ridyard, Headteacher.

“Rachel has shown amazing commitment, achieving her 80 certificates in 80 weeks! She has not missed a single one, and now has her 4th gold. While her achievement is fantastic, I am also really proud of Rhoedmar who now has 65 certificates and should achieve his 4th gold as the summer term comes to a close.” Mr Tipton, Class Teacher.