Welcoming Laura Bell to the Lead Educator Community with MathleticsLaura Susan Bell picture (2)

Laura’s role as an educator is to facilitate learning for students.  She sees her job is to get students excited about learning by providing an environment for students to learn in an engaging and interactive way.  Laura has been teaching elementary education for three years.

Laura is  passionate about technology in education and about encouraging students to become life-long learners.  Her goal is for students to enjoy the learning process and develop critical thinking.  Her goal is for students to have an internal dialogue of questions and reactions.  She believes that technology-driven education is the future of engaging students in the learning process.

ASU Mathletics Hall of Fame

Laura joins with colleagues Vanya Duncan, (also a Mathletics Lead Educator) and Ashley Rafferty, to manage an ASU Mathletics Hall of Fame for each child who earns a certificate each week. The board is situated in the main foyer of the school so parents and students can see it as they enter. Students who earn the highest participation points receive a special ASU Mathlete of the Week poster and Laura announces the top 5 students based on participation points each Friday.

Mathletics Wheel for House Points“We also recognize the top students from each class at our monthly Spirit Assemblies. We call on the top student from each class and the top student from each grade spins the Mathletic Wheel to earn house points for his or her house.”

“The Lead Educator Certification has made me excited to spread my knowledge about how Mathletics can engage students in learning math. I’ve started a school-wide incentive plan as well as added to the school culture with Mathletics. We have Mathletics cheerleaders (students) and students in the hallways will chant to me and tell me how much they love math. This program has caused my love of Mathletics to become infectious!”