See how KL Primary challenged their students this year…

KL Mathletics challengeKL Primary Mathematics Challenge is an inaugural event which was held on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th January. This event welcomed a mixture of students from the British School of KL, Nexus International KL, Garden International School Malaysia and International School at ParkCity to Alice Smith School for two days of Mathematics Challenges.

Young mathematicians were put to the test during this event involving twelve teams of four students in a series of mathematical based challenges. These challenges took place in and around the school environment. The event started with a mathematics trail in KLCC Park before heading back to the Primary Campus for a series of individual and team events that continued on Friday.

3P Learning was proud to be involved in this online round. We’ve received feedback from teachers that for many students this round was a highlight of the event. The new Challenge My School feature on Live Mathletics was utilised to create a real spirit of competition using the online learning platform. Teachers had included the school code in the first name of the student, ensuring that challengers knew which school they had to beat!

The KL Primary Mathematics Challenge proved to be popular with both students and staff. This event will no doubt signal the start of an annual tradition. 3P Learning hopes that KL Primary will continue to benefit from Mathletics and utilise this online learning resource in their competitive challenges.

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