June Mathletics Master Class


We are pleased to announce that our June Mathletics Master Class is Mme. Samoilescu’s class at Copeland Public School in Brampton Ontario.  We were impressed by Mme. Samoilescu’s passion for academic excellence and dedication to student achievement.  Mme Samoilescu believes in cultivating talent from an early age and inspiring students to continually take risks with learning.

School: Copeland Public School, Brampton, Ontario

Teacher:  Mme. Samoilescu, Grade 4/5 French Immersion Teacher

June Master Class

Read on to learn about how Mme. Samoilescu has integrated Mathletics into her classroom and uses it to support her classroom and numeracy goals.

Mme. Samoilescu uses Mathletics to engage and inspire her students to reach even further. The students have set many Mathletics goals allowing them to extend their learning,  or as Mme. Samoilescu says “jump in the pool,  meaning taking risks in learning by challenging [themselves].”

Below are some of the Mathletics goals the class has set and achieved:

  • Goal 1: Become the number 1 class  in Canada’s  Top 50 Classes on the Mathletics Hall of Fame by April 1st  – ACHIEVED
  • Goal 2: Aim to place as high as possible in the  World’s Top 50 Classes – ACHIEVED
  • Goal 3: All students to place on Canada’s Top 100 Students – ACHIEVED
  • Goal 4: By the end of the school year,  all students to place on the World’s Top 100 Students – 50% ACHIEVED!

Students track their progress and celebrate their efforts and success. Each time the class places 1st on Canada’s Top 50 or the World’s  Top 50 classes, Mme. Samoilescu rewards the students with a Pizza Party.

“Our class works very hard to achieve it, it’s not about the pizza party, it’s about achieving our goal to put our school in first place.”  – student

The learning doesn’t stop once the goal is achieved. Even after the class has achieved the set goal, they continue to strive to maintain their level on the Mathletics Hall of Fame by:

“not giving up, keeping on trying, jumping in the pool.”  – student

Mme. Samoilescu demonstrates the power of setting goals and how you can use Mathletics to support your students’ learning and benchmark success.

Congratulations to Mme. Samoilescu and her students.

Keep up the good work!


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