June Mathletics Master Class

We are excited to announce our June Mathletics Master Class recipient – Chauntel Ewert, Pod E teacher at Abbotsford Middle School located in British Columbia

School: Abbotsford Middle School
Teacher: Chauntel Ewert

We were impressed by Ms. Ewert’s dedication to stimulating student engagement by declaring Tuesdays and Thursdays as Mathletics Day. Setting a day for passing out certificates is motivating as students have a weekly reward to look forward to.

Mathletes with their medals

“My students were so excited about this program. They love competing against one another and to practice what they are learning in the classroom at home. Several of my students have made the Top 100 for Canada and our class has made the Top 50 several times. Every Tuesday and Thursday my students get the first 15 minutes of class to practice. As soon as they see the computers I can hear, “Yes…it is Mathletics day”. They can hardly wait for Tuesdays as that is when I pass out the certificates. ”

Ms. Ewert took rewarding a step further by getting medals engraved for each level: bronze, silver, and gold. Ever since implementing the medals, she has observed increased engagement and motivation in math.

“I decided to take it a step further and I had medals engraved for each level. As soon as one student was awarded their Bronze Level Medal they all wanted one. We have only been doing this for 6 months and I already have 45% of the students at a bronze level and several on their way to a silver level. When they receive this medal we go down to the front entrance of the school and I take their picture which is then posted in our classroom on our Mathletics Wall of Fame.”

Ms. Ewert’s  students chimed in as well:

“I love Mathletics because I get to challenge myself.” – Sukhmeen

“The activities are great because you learn and practice so you can do good on your school work.” – Vicki

“I like the part where the activities get harder; it is helping me at school.” – Gurkirat


Thank you to Ms. Ewert for sharing!

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