Joanne Selby_MLEIn her role as Number Intervention Specialist, Joanne Selby from St Mark’s School, Dingley Village in Victoria discovered how relevant Mathletics was for differentiation and personalisation.  At her school, all students are pretested and grouped for maths, writing and in 2015 will continue with this approach in other areas.

In 2015, the school’s focus is on purpose assessment – using developed pre and post assessment as well as NAPLAN and PAT Maths data. They have shared their proposed assessment schedule and we are interested to follow their success.  Key questions for the school include how does PAT Maths/NAPLAN data compare against Mathletics Assessments. Joanne’s role focuses specifically on Foundation to Year 4 but she recognises the relevance of Mathletics for Year 5s to prepare for NAPLAN as well as Years 5/6 and beyond in the AUS VELS Assessments. Joanne understands that the key to using the right assessment at the right time to provide the information you need.

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