Students chant Maths! Jess Szalek Photo

Jess Szalek has a deep love of Mathematics and a determination to pass this onto students.   Her quest to keep mathematical learning as engaging and exciting as possible is evidenced by the whole school assemblies every fortnight that have the entire student body of over 900 students chanting “MATHS!” until the announcement of school Mathletics winners.

Currently in her third year of teaching Jess joined Hillsmeade PS in Victoria mid-2015.  Jess shares the key ways she supports mathematics.

Data driven teaching and learning

We review student progress through tracking student usage and data to identify strengths and weaknesses, and use this to identify individual and class weaknesses pointing to key areas for improvement.

We set students’ tasks such as Are you Ready? a week before teaching a new concept.  This determines students’ prior knowledge before setting regular tasks throughout the two week teaching period of a concept to solidify classroom teaching, and conclude with students completing the test. From there we review and compare student results.

Blended Learning

We use projection and televisions in the classroom to teach a mini lesson via student view and then set an activity to reinforce.

Setting tasks targeting student weaknesses provides home practice.

We blend Maths Plus and other resources with explicit teaching, worksheets, concrete materials and hands on experiences.

                                                                Hillsmeade Student Assembly

Leadership & PD

Jess works with the mathematics planner of each PLT in the school and runs mini PD sessions reviewing their levels’ results and reports. She provides expert training to assess student progress.

We have created a mathematics learning wall that encompasses our learning and voice in regard to mathematics, and she continues to engage the entire school community through awards.

As a Lead Educator, Jess has goals to further engage students without a home internet connection by pairing more hands-on learning opportunities with printed eBooks and student workbooks.  Jess would love to see Mathletics deepen problem solving and building activities that relate to mathematical concepts.

To further support mathematics at your school, become certified with Mathletics Teacher Certification.