James Thio Champagnat Catholic College, Pagewood NSW

James Thio, 2014 top Mathlete at Champagnat Catholic College

Champagnat Catholic College, Pagewood NSW is proud of their top Mathlete of 2014, James Thio

When he was in Year 7, James surpassed all expectations in achieving 34 Bronze, 6 Silver and 2 Gold Mathletics certificates during 2014.  In doing so, he managed to score a total of over 1,000,000 points.

As James completed the entire Year 7 syllabus in the first seven weeks of Term 1, he had his program adjusted to Year 8 work. James has embraced the Mathletics program as an aid to improving his maths, and he has inspired other students to attempt to beat his weekly score.

James says “I love Mathletics because I love doing maths. I have always been good at maths. I enjoy algebra, numbers, integers, measurement, data and fractions.  I also love the challenge of earning lots of points and certificates in Mathletics.”

Although mathematics is his passion, James also enjoys Geography, Religion and PDHPE theory lessons. He tells us “When I come home, I do all my homework and then go onto my Mathletics site. I can spend 3 hours [each night] doing my Mathletics questions.”

In Champagnat Catholic College, Mathletics is used as a tool to help students become more confident in all areas of mathematics. Mathletics encourages students collect points in a number of different areas of mathematics each week. We have observed that students who use Mathletics as a part of their revision routine tend to improve their mathematics results.