James McPherson now Mathletics Lead Educator at  Seven Skies International School James_McPherson_photo

James is interested in creating a culturally responsive, differentiated curriculum that supports all types of students and teachers. He wants to see student success not just in school, but in every other aspect of life as well.

James received his BS in Mechanical Engineering in the United States, but quickly realised his passion was in teaching. Since then he has worked as a teacher in the US as well as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and is currently working as a Math Teacher and Head of Academics at Seven Skies International School in KL.

Through Lead Educator Certification, our school has implemented new practices and strategies to better address the needs of our students and better respond to their strengths and weaknesses.

The school where James teachers strives for holistic education that creates students who are responsible, caring, compassionate, generous, successful, and aware. It is his view, that schools must incorporate depth into every subject and never be satisfied with students simply acquiring the knowledge needed to pass the test. James strives to always address the whole student, as an individual with their own ambitious and preferences in order to fully engage them in learning.

Mathletics has helped me to implement differentiated learning in my classroom by engaging students in a technology-based setting. Using technology and self-regulated learning are essential skills in the 21st century where we are overloaded with data, but lack wisdom and direction. Students need to be familiar with using technology, and learn how to utilize it efficiently.


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