And all competitors are working extremely hard to get themselves, their classes and their schools to the top of our Halls of Fame!

Well done to you all!

And now for a closer look at the Hall of fame:

Currently the top 3 schools are:

1.      Ibn Khaldoun prep School for Boys, Qatar

2.       Zakher Private School- British Division, United Arab Emirates

3.      ISG-DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia

And the top 3 Classes:

1.      Champions from Ibn Khaldoun prep school for boys, Qatar

2.      5D from ISG- Dammam, Saudi Arabia

3.      101 from the British school of Kuwait, Kuwait

Who will be the winner…..?

There are another 2 full days of competition to go, so please let us know your stories about any strategies you have for maximising your scores!!

Best of Luck!