Every year, millions of students take part in the global online event World Maths Day. Now, for the first time ever, the four nations of the UK will compete together in the inaugural Four Nations Maths Challenge… and this is your chance to compete for your school and to represent your country!

Will England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland emerge as the No.1 nation of maths?

In the run-up to the big event, here is your chance to fly the flag for your country. Below are four videos – one for each nation – promoting the Four Nations Maths Challenge. Why not place a link on your school website to your country’s video? Share with your friends on Facebook, or Tweet it to the world!  Which country will gain the most support before the challenge kicks off in November…?





Why not post a video response from your school? Tell us how your school is preparing and why your country is going to win! You can even make it a school project. There will be a prize for the best video from each of the four nations so get your cameras out and get filming!!


The challenge is coming….. are you ready?