A great thing about working in the Mathletics team is hearing some of the fantastic stories from all around the world – students who are exciting about their learning and having an exciting time with Mathletics.

Today we heard about a pair of New Zealand twins, taking part in the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge. Doug G and Archie G are 7 years old and live on Pitt Island – one of the most isolated places in the world, lying over 500 miles east of New Zealand. The twins’ family have a diesel generator that gives power to their house, and of course to their computers! Being so far away certainly doesn’t stop these guys – Doug and Archie finished in 1st and 2nd place in New Zealand during World Maths Day 2012.

The boys attend Pitt Island School where students have been practicing for the last few weeks in preparation for this year’s ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge in the hope of retaining their “Top Small School” title won during last year’s event. Being so far away, everyone at the school thinks it’s fantastic to be part of the huge Mathletics online global community.

Archie G says, “Good luck to all the competitors in the ASB Maths Challenge. I hope that you had a fun time doing it.
Great work guys! (PS – don’t forget to keep that generator topped up with diesel!)