Isabelle Millien_Mathletics Lead Educator_Heritage College

Isabelle Millien believes her role as an educator is to enable students to see their own potential. It was during her time as a teaching aide at Heritage College,7 years ago, that Isabelle initially gained inspiration to become a teacher herself, and undertook a degree in Teaching.

Isabelle currently teaches Year 6 and supports her upper primary colleagues in their integration of Mathletics.  As part of her school’s professional learning requirements to establish three e-Learning goals for 2015, Isabelle identified the Mathletics Certification Pathway as her goal: to master Mathletics. Supported with release time, Isabelle went on to achieved all three levels – Certification Level 1, Level 2 and ultimately Lead Educator.

In implementing her deeper knowledge of Mathletics, she has had notable success including. Using the Assessments in eBooks as a pretest and determines key areas for teaching within a topic.  By differentiating her class into learning abilities, tasks are set and reset based around ongoing review of student results.

Establishing a Mathletics Live@Home Challenge on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm, where students play against their teacher!  Isabelle uses the Remind app to manage her communications with students via their parents.

Isabelle offers support to her colleagues in sharing knowledge she has gained through Certification and other PD. The integration of technology into her lessons, creates flipped and blended learning opportunities. With a BYOD rollout planned for 2016, her school will be looking to maximise the integration of ICT into their classrooms, particularly with Isabelle’s knowledge of Google Classroom and other Google apps.

Looking to the future, Isabelle sees even more potential with Mathletics:

I really want to see our whole school using Mathletics, as at the moment it’s only Year 5 & 6.  I would love to see more videos and interactives for upper primary so that I do more ‘flipped’ learning allowing my students to watch the lesson intro at home the day before the lesson.

My goal in teaching is to develop my leadership skills. The Lead Educator Certification has allowed me to see Mathletics for its true potential and give support to other teachers in my school who are using Mathletics.

If you would like to hear more ideas from Isabelle, contact leadeducator@3plearning and we’ll put you in touch.