LEP MathleticsMathletics Lead Educator Michelle De Silva St Joseph’s School Queens Park Mathletics Lead Educator Michelle De Silva has been the lynchpin of the Mathletics programme since its implementation 3 years ago.

Michelle has in-serviced all staff on Mathletics functions and gives regular updates on any changes and additions made to Mathletics to ensure it runs efficiently throughout the school.

“Last week I conducted a Staff Meeting regarding the new changes to Assessments (formerly Challenger). This meeting then saw Year’s 3 and 5 use this form of assessment for their portfolio piece this term.”

Working together with the class teacher, Michelle will look over a student’s progression. This data is collated and used for future planning.

“Through the new assessment and reporting we are now able to get a clear report of what area of Maths the student is having difficulties with. This allows us to focus on that one area. If it is Place Value, then Place Value activities will be assigned for that student as well as Place Value worksheet from the workbooks. The student will be reassigned the activity and again, the report will be printed off hopefully showing the student has improved on their previous result.”

Michelle will adjust a child’s profile to ensure the child gains the most out of their Mathletics experiences whilst enjoying their learning journey at the same time.

“At St Joseph’s we offer an extension program to our gifted and talented students.  Students in the program are to complete Mathletics each week to remain in the program. Those students who do not register any Mathletics activity are not allowed to take part in the program that week. As the parents pay for Mathletics in their school fees, each class’ Mathletics progress is monitored to ensure all Parents are getting value for money and that all students are given the opportunity to learn and enjoy their Mathletics account.

Class results are used to ensure those students in our extension program are being extended through Mathletics and that those students in our Numeracy support are set realistic expectations judged on their Mathletics results.”

Michelle’s enthusiasm has seen students develop a positive attitude towards Maths.  “We have monthly class verse class battles with Mathletics. To do this Mathletics is scheduled into our Friday computer Lab for each class.”  Her support of the programme has meant Mathletics has maintained a prominent position in the educational practices of St Joseph’s students.

To find out more about how Mathletics can help you effectively target student results just access your Mathletics Teacher Console and view the Lead Educator Certification Pathway for great tips and support.