Michael Wales The Oaks PSMichael Wales is passionate in being a positive role model in the lives of students, encouraging them to take responsibility for their learning.

Michael sees his role as an educator clearly: to foster, develop and maintain the academic and social development of primary school-aged children through establishing and implementation sound teaching and learning programs that aim to engage students at school.  Michael has taught a Stage 2 composite class and has been teaching for around two years.

He describes his goals as professional development orientated.  He has Deputy Principal or Principal in his sights, but on a personal level, takes deep satisfaction in the small success stories that children achieve in their time in the classroom and in the school environment. For Michael, it’s about being able to see the extent of academic and social growth from the start of the school year right through to the end.

“Over the next five years, I believe the most significant trends that will emerge will be the expectation of integrating ICT in all teaching programs across all KLAs along with the increased importance of Assessment (Assessment Of, As and For Learning) and using assessment to influence future teaching.”

Michael would like the Reading Eggs program to continue and further develop as it has been and perhaps the introduction of specific curriculum aligned learning sequences that could help shape a teacher developing their overall English program.