Announcing the launch of the Mathletics Dictionary! A brand new app from the award-winning team behind the hugely popular Mathletics resource. Learn more. Explore.

Head to the AppStore now!

Based on the Concept Search tool within Mathletics, this app is a great way to expand understanding of mathematical words and terms – available for both iPad and iPhone.

mathletics dictionary vid


  • Hundreds of mathematical terms, split into easy to follow categories and subjects
  • Interactive animations to explore and explain concepts
  • Easy search function – search just like a real dictionary
  • Create your own profile and avatar to bookmark your most used words!
  • Tailored definitions for four age categories – to make understanding and exploring easier!

The Mathletics Dictionary makes learning and understanding those difficult mathematical words easy – and as you’d expect from Mathletics, it is fun and engaging – encouraging exploration. A great app for parents to learn with their child, or for older students to explore independently.

To celebrate the launch, the Mathletics Dictionary is available FREE for a limited time – so get downloading and exploring today!