Lisa Gooding_profile picPort Macquarie Lead Educator Lisa Gooding drives Mathletics

Lisa Gooding is a Year 4 class teacher 3 days per week and the K to 6 Director of Primary Curriculum for an independent Primary school of just over 520 students.  Being in a team teaching position she teaches all of the Literacy and Numeracy areas.

Lisa is passionate about curriculum development and using the syllabus in an innovative and engaging manner to enhance student outcomes.  She strongly believes in the teaching and learning of 21st century critical thinking and skills.

Learning is for life and knowledge encourages wisdom of choice.

Lisa has been teaching for almost 24 years of which 13 have been in regional NSW the remaining in and around Brisbane.  She feels she has accomplished many things in her teaching career.

During 2016 she have developed 2 exciting new units of work that incorporated 21st century teaching and learning pedagogy and critical thinking skills. The Mathematics unit has been problem based and whole class project orientated including the use of Makey Makeys and conductive tape to create led light circuits. The literacy unit was based on a Novel study and persuasive text writing and application in a radio style advert. The unit included STEAM concepts where the children in groups created a facade for a shop and use a makey makey to play back the advert to an audience. Conductive tape was also used to turn on and off led lights.

Being able to influence teachers to become better at their craft and to engage students is always a huge positive.

In her position as the Director of Curriculum she has been able to lead colleagues into the 21 century.  St Columba Anglican School is a Google school, that encourages all students to take ownership of their learning.

As an educator, the top trends emerging that will impact students over the next five years are based on 21 century learning skills. These skills will enable our students to live and work in a world where their jobs have not yet been invented or considered viable. Technological innovations such as cloud computing, open content, bring‐your‐own‐device policies, learning analytics, mobile learning, and remote or virtual laboratories are directly related to improving student learning. Teachers are now required to change their methods of instruction as a result of these technologies. Blended learning environments change the face‐to‐face instruction with online and digital instruction that is linked to flipped learning that can be linked to online learning environments like Mathletics.

Change is necessary and needs to be seen in a positive light rather than something that holds you back or hinders your professional growth.

As a Mathletics Lead Educator Lisa plans to continue to encourage Primary school staff to use Mathletics as a learning tool, demonstration tool and to assist in a differentiated learning plan for each student.  Her next goal is to develop a program to encouraging student to gain great success in the program, with ideas to link to Stage trophies for improved outcomes and certificates earned.   Lisa is taking advantage of the new report system to assist, as she finds that the data is clear and enables the lead teachers to work with teachers to develop clear learning pathways for each student.

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