Have you had the chance to explore all that IntoScience has to offer you, as a teacher? IntoScience provides unparalleled control for teachers allowing easier classroom management.

To help you discover the possibilities of IntoScience’s teacher functions and make the most out of you and your students’ IntoScience journey, we have compiled a few handy tips. Enjoy!

1. Explore the Teacher Console

The Teacher Console is a dedicated dashboard which gives you access to comprehensive reporting, and real-time student results.

Use it to monitor student progress and assess the next best action for them to take.

2. Keep the class on track

Use the Summon Class function to summon all your students to an activity that you specify and restrict their navigation to keep them focused and on task.

Additionally, as a part of IntoScience’s Science is Electric release, teachers can now view locations of students currently online.

3. Create discussions and get instant feedback

Teachers can view all their students’ text answers to the inquiry-based questions in one easy view with answers appearing in real time as students enter them.

This is a great tool for creating discussions, gathering instant feedback in the classroom and alleviating any misconceptions students may have.

4. Save time with the library of teacher tools

IntoScience is packed with a vast library of time-savers to help teachers maximise their time. The list spans across a library of science videos, walkthroughs, lesson guides (both in video and printable formats) and worksheets, with more being added on a regular basis.

5. Create class competitions

Students love The 3rd Degree, an arena where students compete against others in a LIVE multi-player science quiz. Have your students enter the arena and compete against each other and see who comes out on top!

As part of the newest release, teachers can now see total fluency points achieved in The 3rd Degree so progress can be tracked over weeks and months. Turn that competition into a whole-term battle!